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Launch Contest FAQ

Who is in the cabal?

There's only one known member of the cabal:  me, Jason Rohrer.  The rest of the cabal membership is secret.  Each cabal member knows that they are in the cabal, but no cabal member knows the identity of any other cabal member (except for me:  I know the identity of all of the cabal members).

What happens if I win more than one prize?

IMPORTANT:  Each player will receive at most ONE prize.  This includes both amulet first prizes and money runner-up prizes.

At the end of the contest, you will pick one prize to keep, and any extra prizes will be passed on to other lower-placed players on those specific contest days.  For example, if you win both copper and gold, you might chose to keep the gold and pass the copper on to the second-place player from that day.  If you win both copper and an $80 second-place prize, you might chose to keep the copper and pass the $80 prize on to the third-place player that day.

If you win more than one cash prize and no amulets, I will automatically assume you want to keep the largest cash prize.  If multiple amulets are involved, I will contact you by email and ask you to make a choice.  If you win one amulet and multiple cash prizes, I will assume you want to keep the amulet except in the one case where the amulet's associated cash is less than the other cash-only prize (the case of copper+$50 vs $80).

So, if you're looking at the leaderboard and seeing the same players over and over in the top spots, don't panic.  Each of those players will keep only one prize and the other prizes will go to players further down on the list.

Exactly 48 people will receive prizes in the end.

How exactly does the scoring work?

This contest counts net coins only, so the buy-in doesn't matter (a penny game gives just as many points as a $100 game).  You start each game with 100 coins, and at the end of the game (when one player leaves for whatever reason), you will have some number of coins.  If you have less than 100, you lose that number of points (if you have 80 coins, you lose 20 points).  If you have more than 100, you gain that number of points (leaving with 135 will win you 35 points).  But only games played against the mysterious cabal members cause points to be gained or lost.  You can win or lose coins against other players, but these non-cabal games will have no effect on your contest standing.

Points only count toward the amulet on the day that you score them.  Everyone starts back at zero for the next day's contest.

Your score on a given day can never fall back down below zero.  If you win 20 points and then lose 45 points later, your score will be zero, not -25.  However, if you win 60 points and then lose 45 points later, your score will go down to 15.

How will the cash prizes be paid?

They will be deposited directly into your game account balance.

When will prizes be awarded?

Because of the chance of one person winning multiple prizes (in which case they will pick one to keep), prizes will not be awarded until the end of the twelve-day contest period.  I hope to have the cash prizes deposited into game accounts within a week after the contest ends.  I also hope to mail out the amulets that same week, assuming that the winners respond promptly to my email requests for their mailing addresses.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure to check the email address associated with your account.  If you don't respond to me with your address when I ask for it, I can't mail your prize.

How many cabal members are there?

A mysterious number.  Quite a few.  Probably enough.  More may be added mid-contest if demand should warrant it.

Are you told after playing a cabal member?

Yes, after you play a cabal member, you will see a special icon on the post-game report along with the number of points you gained or lost.  (In the unlikely event that you left the game with 100 coins, you will see a score change of 0, but you will still see the icon indicating that you just played a cabal member).


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