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Offtopic: For fans of Jason Rohrer's games

Or even fans of people who shamelessly rip off his brilliant ideas!

I'm Judge Doorman, you may remember in that article where we told the world what an idiot I am : … 1678359567

You may remember this line from the article :

"Ullman doesn't play many games, but like Danziger, he loved Rohrer's The Castle Doctrine, and clocked hundreds of hours with it. He's hired programmers to build a more family-friendly version of the game for mobile, based on The Castle Doctrine's open source code. "

If you do remember that, maybe you should go outside and feel the sun and air on your face. 

Anyway, that game has gone BETA : . It also now how has mobile support in both the apple and android store. Right now the game is completely free to play ( at some point we may add some in game purchases, but not that the kinda that are pay to win of course - it's the Judge Doorman motto, "I don't pay to win, I pay to lose").  Cylence has created a excellent tutorial/brutal(depending on what level) single player game where you can rob risk free.  As mentioned, we've toned down the violence.  Not that I had an issue with it, but I waned a 4+ rating in the Apple store so we can go after the Minecraft population - plus I might be able to beat a 4 year old at ONE of Jason's games.  Tom, the creator of Castle Draft was kind enough to share that code so we have created the Terminal Heist Editor : which has all that Castle Draft does as well as the ability to push your map to your house/terminal, pull your map from your terminal nee house, region copy and paste, as well as the ability to test simple traps in the browser.

I apologize for hitting the CM boards with basically an ad that isn't super related other than the Jason factor.  If you feel anger welling remember, this is the guy that did almost $10k to the economy of the game.  Talk about the most expensive cost per impressions ever!

Stay tuned for my next game:  Rude Hoedown the only gambling game that doesn't use skill or luck.  You deposit money in your account a fat guy in overalls comes and punches you in the face.  It too will have mobile support, we are only launching on the Nokia 3310.

Hope you guys are well, if any one ever wants to play high stakes again feel free to send me an email

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Re: Offtopic: For fans of Jason Rohrer's games

This is looking awesome. I especially am digging the website.

Are there any Let's Plays of it?

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Re: Offtopic: For fans of Jason Rohrer's games

Cool! I'm glad to see that this is finally in beta. Seemed much delayed.
I tried to play the game, but there's no linux client, and the windows one froze my computer when I ran it in virtualbox (due to buggy graphics drivers, happens with other games too). IIRC the client is closed source too, right? So I'll have to try it when I get to my other computer with better graphics card/drivers. I'm surprised how similar it is to TCD, considering how much rewriting you did.


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