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How to Live Stream CM with OpenBroadcaster

Hey guys!

If you'd like to start live streaming Cordial Minuet through Twitch, I've written this handy little guide on setting it up. It's fairly easy and straight-forward.

In order to stream Cordial Minuet, you have to set up a scene for it:

Launch OBS
Right-click in the "Scenes" area
Select "Add Scene"
Give it a name (ie "Cordial Minuet")
Launch Cordial Minuet
Go back to OBS
Select the scene you created
Right-click the sources area
Add > Game Capture
Give it a name (ie "Game Window")
Under the Application drop-down, select "[CORDIAL_MINUET]: CORDIAL MINUET
Make sure "Capture mouse cursor" is checked

That's really all you need in your scene to get started. You can play around with adding other sources if you'd like. For example, I'm working on creating a background slideshow to put behind the game so people can learn and understand what they're watching. During the first test contest, I live streamed once where I put an auto refreshing amulet leaderboard along side the game. You can do a lot of fun things with the stream, especially since CM only takes up 1/3 of the width of the screen.

In order to broadcast your game to, or just make a recording to create a side-by-side video, you need to set up your broadcast settings.

Click Settings
Go to Broadcast Settings
Set Mode to "Live Stream" if you want to stream, or "File Output Only" if not.
If streaming to Twitch, change the service to Twitch and enter your Stream Key

If you're streaming CM, I recommend adding a stream delay so your opponent can't find and use your live stream against you.
A round in CM consists of four betting stages, three picking stages, and a reveal stage. Each stage has a maximum time of one minute. So if you want to be absolutely sure you're safe, set the option Delay (seconds) to 480.

If you're planning to make a side-by-side video, you'll want to make sure the "Automatically save stream to file" is checked.

Lastly, take a look at the audio and video settings. You'll want to make sure the video is set to 1920x1080, and the audio source is pointing to your microphone if you plan to talk while you record.

The way jere and I were able to record ourselves talking was simply through Skype. OBS captures both sides of the conversation if you have it set up correctly.
Jere was the one to combine both sides, but that's should probably be another guide altogether.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


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