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Performer Frog
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A Cordial Pirouette

Imagine my surprise and excitement when I fielded a routine phone call at work and was greeted by Jason Rohrer informing me that I had an unclaimed amulet waiting for me to claim it an unlock it's (I'm assuming) hidden powers of...luck...I'm hoping?

I apologized profusely for my neglect and quickly claimed my prize and said that I would do my part and post some pictures once the amulet was received. Well, I had an ominous feeling when I woke up today and could only attribute it to the arrival of a prize from a game that a writer from Kotaku referred to as, "mildly satanic". Sure enough, when I opened my mailbox, there it was. I took some pictures to post, but am not sure where to post them to.

The envelope had a number 3 on it (assuming it is the 3rd amulet) and had two symbols written one on top of the other with ":" and then a capital "E" written next to the symbol on top and an "F" written below. I don't know enough about symbology to even begin to describe the symbols. On the other side of the coin are distorted mirrored images of horizontal images that again are difficult to describe.

I will be happy to post pictures if anyone is interested or email them to someone who is interested in seeing them and wants to post them for me.

Thanks for the amulet and the great game. I really enjoyed my time in Cordial Minuet.

-Performer Frog (apparently!)


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Re: A Cordial Pirouette

I took some pictures to post, but am not sure where to post them to.

If you've not used it before, imgur is super easy to use (you can even paste in images).

This late reunion of you and your amulet is a nice capstone to the story of the contest. How serendipitous! Thanks for sharing.

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